About The Company

Western States Real Estate, LLC (WSR) is a commercial real estate investment company based in Denver Colorado. The objective of WSR is to take the expertise in commercial real estate of our partners and associates and use that knowledge to create and manage deals that return wealth for our investors.

Due to the various economic cycles the values in commercial real estate are becoming greater for those who are ingrained in the market and have a trained eye to “find the deals.” This is creating a great opportunity for WSR to team with investors to target future deals in the commercial real estate market.

Over the past few years the founders of Western States Real Estate, LLC have been able to maximize tenant confidence on existing buildings under their management. This coupled with wise and timely purchases have allowed WSR to obtain CAP rates of 8-15% and possible return on capital positions in properties as high as 25% IRR after liquidation of the asset.

How We Work

Western States Real Estate, LLC teams with investors to generate capital to purchase and manage commercial industrial real estate. Each investment property is unique in the investment structure and how and when returns are paid out. WSR has numerous deals currently on the table. WSR begins to structure the investment package and investor support at the time the property is placed under contract.

If you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio and feel commercial real estate is a good fit please go to the “Contact Us” page and send your information to the attached link. One of the managing partners will contact you with further information in the near future.

We look forward to the many opportunities to partner with you in the commercial real estate market.

Property Management

In the near future Western States Real Estate, LLC will be offering their service and expertise in the property management field. Currently, WSR only manages their own property’s that have WSR capital invested in them. Through our years of experience and success in property management we have decided to start a division that allows other real estate owners to tap into our knowledge and expertise.

Keep watching this site to see the official launch of our property management division coming mid 2009.